Annette Davis-Green

Annette Davis-Green

Canine Behaviourist

Full Member

Annette has 20 years of experience training her own and other people’s dogs, as well as providing advice from breed suitability, general obedience training to behavioural work. Annette has competed her dogs at showing, working gun dog tests and trials and agility classes. Her own dogs have successfully achieved winning classes at Crufts, working gundog certificates and Kennel Club Good Citizen awards. Training foals to become international level dressage horses, Annette demonstrates a natural ability to train animals. With a background in healthcare science she has a particular interest in understanding dog behaviour in the human environment.

Annette offers general dog obedience training, both on a one to one basis and class sessions, helping train for families and home situations, based on today’s modern lifestyles. Annette believes in creating daily schedules that enables dogs to be happy and healthy, therefore creating happy dog owners.

Annette works with all forms of canine behavioural problems in any breed of dog, from toilet training issues in a Yorkshire Terrier, destructive behaviour in a Beagle, to aggression in a German Shepherd. Annette makes the consultation process straightforward, understanding how difficult problem behaviours can be for their dogs owner. She constructs a behaviour modification programme, specifically designed for the owner/dog/lifestyle of the client that will lead to the rehabilitation of the dog through practical techniques that are easy to follow. Annette has a wealth of experience in dealing with dogs that lack life skills, complex phobias or aggressive behaviours to other dogs or people. The consultation process includes a full written report.

“My dog used to wee on the carpet when visitors arrived, which was very embarrassing. Annette gave us a simple solution which worked first time and our dog has not done it since. It’s amazing.”

Annette R Davis-Green BSc MSc FIBMS CSci MGoDT