Annie-Mae Levy

Annie-Mae Levy

Dog Behaviourist

Full Member

Annie has been working with dogs full-time for the last 6 years since graduating from Exeter University (Animal Behaviour BSc). Having grown up around a huge range of dogs including both pets and all of the working collies on her uncle’s farm, Annie is confident handling and working with all breeds. Currently, Annie lives with three dogs- two rescue dogs (a chihuahua and mix breed), and her 2-year-old Doberman. She often uses these dogs as stooge dogs in sessions to help dogs struggling with dog reactivity. Annie runs her own dog training company, Ani-Mal Dog Training.

Annie puts an emphasis on understanding the dog as an individual, getting to the source of the dogs behavioural problems, and fixing them with a compassionate but logical approach. Having worked through reactivity and separation with her own two rescues (as well as thousands of clients) she understands the strain these behaviours can put on one’s relationship with their dog and the need for realistic achievable training plans.

Annie has qualifications in canine behaviour, health, nutrition and is accredited by GoDT and CFBA. She volunteers for the National Animal Welfare Trust, teaching staff how to better handle and train dogs in their care. Annie runs both private home-based consultations and group classes for dogs ranging from 8 weeks to those needing help in their later years. Her speciality is in helping owners with dog reactivity and anxious dogs. She loves helping owners better understand their animals and strengthen their bond.