Clare Steele

Clare Steele

Canine Behaviourist

Full Member

Clare’s life has never been without a dog she lives with Pointers, Labrador, Belgian Malinois and Spaniels.

There are not many dog related subjects left, Clare hasn’t gained experience in. She has been an animal related business owner for more than a decade and won a Business of the year award.

Clare has worked with dogs for generations and she knows the specifics regardless of breed.

Clare’s life revolves around dogs, she successfully competes with them but at the end of the day her dogs are also pets. Hence she understands the challenges that come with giving dogs what they need in terms of mental and physical stimulation. Clare loves to educate Pet dog owners in how to build a great relationship with their dog whether that be training indoors, outdoors, general life and behaviour modification

Clare has a specific interest in dogs that need help with aggression and has spent many years studying the subject.

Clare owns and operates Waggy Tail Farm with her family, she offers specialist classes for dogs with behaviour problems, intensive residential programmes which cover all behaviours including dog on dog and dog on person aggression as well as one to one consultations Clare takes on clients of all abilities from beginner to advanced, first time dog owners or the more experienced owners

Clare has a professional and caring approach to training and behaviour modification.