Colin Tennant

Colin Tennant

Dog Expert Witness

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Colin has trained dogs and developed methods to improve their behaviour for 30 years. He holds a Masters Degree (Professional Practice) Canine Behaviour & Psychology.

Ex Home Office Police Dog Handler trained. Secretary to the Pet Education Training & Behaviour Council. Colin Tennant is Britain’s leading expert in dog and cat behaviour, he has pioneered the psychological approach to solving problem pet behaviour for over 30 years and in front line work.

He frequently appears on television as an pet expert and was the first British practitioner to write comprehensibly on the human and pet psychology/relationships. This knowledge was converted to education videos. He travels throughout the world lecturing on pet behaviour. He has studied Wolf and Dog Behaviour which he has used to great benefit in dog wolf correlations where applicable – this is field led study with wolves and he has an extensive film library of wolf behaviour footage. Colin Has qualified and won in Britain’s top UK Kennel Club competitions. He is the original pioneer in filming pet behaviour and relationships between people and their pets. These DVDs have are used throughout the world by colleges, university’s to MA Degree level. His output is remarkable and varied in all it encompasses. As an ex-Police Officer Colin is used by lawyers throughout Britain to opinionate on dogs for the prosecution or defence. His work has expanded year on year due the introduction of the Dangerous Dog Act.

Colin has trained dogs and developed original dog behaviour methods to improve and or manage problem dog behaviour.

Criminal and Civil UK Law Expert Witness
Colin is a qualified expert witness to the Law Profession and regularly proffers expert advice in civil and criminal cases relating to Dogs & Cats. He is a expert witness in many cases at Crown Court level and moreover who can write evidence and prepare court documentation to the highest standard and according to the Police & Crown Prosecution Service evidence rules.

The Dangerous Dogs act is the most common reason for others to call upon his skills in Britain, though he works in a variety of criminal law cases like the noise abatements act.