Damian Riley

Damian Riley

Canine Behaviourist

Full Member

Damian has worked full time with dogs since leaving school. For the past fifteen years he has been employed by Guide Dogs for the Blind as a Mobility Instructor. He has always felt very privileged to work for Guide dogs for the Blind and has trained many dogs that have not only changed peoples lives, but also saved peoples lives. He has a huge amount of experience in the assistance dogs sector, working with other assistance dog charities.

He has been involved with the first dual trained Guide dog/Hearing dog, trained ‘Guide Dog of the Year 2005’, appeared on GMTV representing Guide Dogs as an expert and has trained the youngest Guide Dog owner in the UK. Damian is very experienced working with people with varying disabilities, including learning disabilities, acquired brain injury and both visual and hearing impairments.

Damian prides himself on being very approachable and friendly in his training manner. He is also keen to be honest with people and with their goals regarding their dogs. His experience matching newly qualified Guide dogs to new owners has proved invaluable in the pet dog world too.

He offers classes from puppy to adult dog and is a kennel club accredited instructor and examiner. One to ones for specific problem behaviours. This can be done a home or at his own 3 acre training school, where the use of his own dogs and livestock can be used in a controlled way. He has great success using his flock of trained sheep, to help with livestock chasers.

Damian believes dogs should get an opportunity to express their breed specific behaviours in some way, by getting to do what they enjoy. He feels often this can be the reason that many dogs exhibit behavioural problems. This paired with lack of proper training and poor, or inappropriate socialisation are factors he frequently is asked to help solve. He works on referral from several Veterinary groups in the Cheshire and south Manchester area to carry out Behavioural consultations for all dog problems.

He loves all breeds of dog, and has bred, owned and trained Boxers,German Shepherds, Bull Terriers (Standard) Labradors and Spaniels. He is always keen to go against stereotypes regarding dogs and people and believes in a kind simple approach. Getting the basics right and sticking to them. And using a clear black and white approach with both dogs and owners..He also keen on training dogs for falconry and as well as gun dogs.

He lives in Wilmslow with his wife, 2 children and a menagerie of other animals such as sheep, birds of prey, ferrets and dogs. All of which he works and trains. He is fully insured and CRB checked.