David Davies

David Davies

Canine Behaviourist

Full Member

David’s passion for dogs began at an early age. This led to him becoming a police dog section officer. David competed in police service dog competitions, handling six general purpose German Shepherd dogs and two narcotic, weapons and currency detection dogs.

Realising from early on that his desire was to work within the companion or pet dog industry David began running his own business. David believes this was crucial to help him learn about all breeds of dogs, all aspects of canine behaviour, but most of all – how to interact with and help the dogs owners.  It is often overlooked by people wanting to work in this industry that trainers may be excellent with dogs but the majority of the interaction is with the dogs’ owner.

David’s ethos is simple – to deliver the best dog training and behavioural experience possible. He believes a loved, guided and satisfied dog is happy, full of life and manageable. He promises an honest opinion, based on a lifetime of experience with dogs. His aim is to get clients to understand their dog, it’s behaviour and advise how to have a better relationship with it.

David predominantly works on a one to one basis with clients using his own premises near Darlington. Much work undertaken is of a behavioural nature. David works with owners to develop their skills offering a tailor made programme to suit the owner and the dog. All David’s methods are based on modern positive reinforcement where possible. David’s expert handling, perfect timing of reinforcement and his ability to teach these skills has led to clients reporting considerable improvement in areas such as dog reactivity, pulling on leash and recall. David is very enthusiastic to teach dogs and owners how to use scent work such as trailing for fun to help give the dogs a natural, controllable outlet for instincts and energy whilst building a strong, consistent relationship between dog and owner.

David has appeared on television and in various publications. David is available for talks, seminars, and structured training courses.