Donelda Guy

Donelda Guy

Canine Behaviourist

Honorary Member

Donelda Guy

Donelda has been in the profession of training dogs and modifying their behaviour for over 45 years and during this time she began to train dogs in Heelwork to Music (HTML). She has appeared on National TV many times and has written for newspapers and magazines throughout her career. Donelda pursued her passion for obedience dog training and competing in dog shows, performing with her dogs on stage, at the Theatre and on Television in programmes like Channel 4 Britain’s Top Dog, BBC Britain’s Got Talent. Donelda is well known in the dog world for her HWTM performances, having had great success at many well known dog shows and competitions.


Donelda has extensive experience in addressing canine behavioural problems, having worked with many hundreds of dogs. Her proficiency lies in employing specialised skills and complex dog training techniques to effectively motivate her canine clients towards positive change. Specifically, her exceptional observational timing plays a critical role in modifying dog behaviour, be it curbing their instinct to chase domestic animals or providing support for dogs experiencing separation anxiety. Moreover, her remarkable distraction techniques have proven highly effective in helping dogs with acute noise phobias, enabling them to attain a more manageable level of relaxation.


Due to her exceptional contributions and achievements in the field, Donelda has become the first person to be granted an honorary membership of the CFBA throughout it’s 25 year history. This prestigious recognition reflects her unparalleled expertise and dedication to improving the lives of dogs and their owners.