Emily Gill

Emily Gill

Dog Behaviourist


Emily has worked and competed dogs since the age of 11, growing up with gundogs and training her own agility dogs – pointers, collies and spaniels. Having grown up in a family-owned commercial dog daycare centre she has had access to a vast range of breeds and behaviours over thousands of dogs. Emily teaches and competes in Agility, having qualified for Crufts and other competitive finals with her own dogs. Emily currently works out of this daycare, with over a decade of hands-on experience in dog handling and training. She has also appeared on BBC Radio 1 as a dog behaviour expert.

Emily started her dog behaviour business at 19 years of age whilst studying a Masters degree and continues to study behaviour and all aspects of dog training. Her academic study has been undertaken with CIDBT and her proudest achievement academically is her Higher Certificate in Aggression Studies. She is also certified in canine nutrition.

Emily works with a range of behavioural issues, including anxiety and aggression. Emily takes a special interest in Gundog and Shepherd breeds but enjoys working with any breed of dog. She combines theory with realistic and balanced, holistic approaches to solve dog behaviour problems and understands that owners may need extra support to get to a solution. Emily understands that not all owners have perfect knowledge and takes pride in educating and supporting her clients to find real life solutions.

Emily offers training for any age of dog, from puppies to older dogs and is happy to be an associate CFBA member.