Emily Pantoja

Canine Behaviourist

Full Member

Emily is the founder of Max Canine and works full time as a Dog Behaviourist covering North Wales and Greater Manchester. Her focus is reforming dogs, normalising occurrences and helping people to live peacefully with them.

Emily commissioned from the Royal Military Academy of Sandhurst in 2011 and spent a decade serving in the British Army. She left as a Major and still serves in the Army Reserves. It was through those years of military service commanding Soldiers that she has come to understand working with both people and dogs. Her past experiences have led her to appreciate how people cope with being asked to change their behaviours or actions and how to get the best out of them for a common cause. This has been crucial to modifying behaviours in dogs as she firmly believes you need to understand and build a relationship with the owner before you can modify the dog. She will caveat however, she is not G.I. Jane nor does she run a canine borstal academy with cargo nets and camouflage pants.

She prefers to perform consultations with clients in their own homes to fully establish root cause analysis of behavioural problems and see dogs/owners on their own turf. For dog-on-dog aggression cases, she provides her own stooge dogs. She also offers services at Max Canine HQ, set in 10 acres in Snowdonia, North Wales. This includes 1-2-1 training and residential stays for both dog and owner to fully immerse into her training. Her first port of call is to gain the trust of her clients and establish confidence in her firstly as a compassionate human being and secondly as a behaviourist who can help you with problems in an effective, positive manner with a professional service which continues well into the future.

She has encountered and worked professionally with dogs from every breed group and is constantly seeking to broaden her horizons. She doesn’t specialise in a particular breed but definitely has her favourites. She does regular charity work with PAT, the RSPCA and Dogs 4 Rescue in the North West of England and the depth and breadth of common canine behavioural problems never ceases to amaze her. Her most commonly consulted behavioural issue is canine aggression and anxiety. What she has established is that many of the behaviours we encounter are operantly conditioned and are the product of our inadvertent ‘reinforcement’.

Her success rate is high in all cases and she is 5* approved.

In her spare time Emily enjoys spending time in the mountains of Snowdonia as a keen cyclist, caring for her flock of stooge sheep on her smallholding and training her working Labrador, Girl.