Estella Vaz

Estella Vaz

Canine Behaviourist

Full Member

Estella is a full time canine behaviour practitioner and training instructor and covers part of the East Midlands (Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire), evaluating and working with dogs in the client’s own home or at a pre-arranged location.

Estella has been dog training since 2009. After undertaking formal education and professional development with the Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour & Training (CIDBT), she founded her own practice Doggie Delinquents, providing behavioural consultation and 1:1 puppy and dog training instruction for puppies and adult dogs of all ages and ability. Estella’s aim is to support and guide owners and their dogs to learn and grow together, building a strong, lasting and healthy balanced relationship based on understanding, trust and communication.

Estella provides a professional and friendly service, providing bespoke programs and realistic goals for the owner to implement. Programs are communicated and demonstrated thoroughly to the clients, so that they have the confidence and understanding of techniques and methods in order to work on their own with their dog. Estella believes that each dog and owner combination is unique, therefore the 1:1 tuition sessions are tailored to meet individual needs to achieve successful results.

In addition to running her own practice, Estella volunteers at a local dog training school as a dog training instructor and as an assistant behaviour assessor at a local rescue kennels where dogs are temperament and behaviour assessed before re-homing. This work has allowed her to build considerable experience handling and understanding a large variety of breeds and temperaments. Using this experience, Estella can assist owners in understanding a ‘re-homed’ dog’s requirements helping the dog to settle into the new home environment becoming an integrated family pet. Unfortunately, Estella has seen many young good dogs in the rescue environment and because of this she also offers advice on raising a puppy and guidance to prospective owner’s in choosing a suitable breed to match family and home dynamics to provide puppies and their owners the best start on their journey together.

Estella currently owns three terriers that all came from a rescue background and she has faced many training and behavioural challenges with them. Therefore she can truly empathise and understand the challenge and stress that living with dogs with behavioural issues can have on owner’s lives. Over the years, Estella has worked with many dog breeds, but she has a real passion and expertise understanding and working with the terrier breeds, and particularly enjoys guiding owners through the challenges (and joys) that owning these feisty, independent little characters can provide.

Estella comes from a strong scientific academic background and continued professional development is important to her to ensure that she offers the best service to her clients.

Estella is a member of the Guild of Dog Trainers (GoDT) and is also the director of educational development for the Pet Education, Training and Behaviour Council (PETbc).