Gaynor Probert

Gaynor Probert

Canine Behaviourist

Full Member

Gaynor is a co-founder and director of Swansea based A1K9, a company that is known for supplying specialist trained dogs to a worldwide clientele.

She has been a professional dog trainer for over 20 years and whilst she specialises in training German Shepherds and other large breeds, it would be difficult to find a breed of dog she has not worked with. She has amassed a wealth of knowledge that is put to good use when assessing client’s dogs and putting regimes in place to help correct unwanted behaviours.

Gaynor’s dog training has taken her to many different countries where she advises and assists clients with dog related problems ; from as close as Ireland to as far away as Dubai.

In addition to the more regular problems that people encounter with their dogs, she has dealt with unusual requests such as helping an owner to acclimatising their dog to flying in their helicopter and training a water obsessed dog to find the steps in its owner’s swimming pool enabling the dog to get out of the pool safely.

Sometimes it is the clients that have travelled a long distance. People have come from Scotland at one end of the country and Poole in Dorset at the other. They usually stay in the area for a few days and block book time with Gaynor to work on the problem that they have with their dog, staying in touch afterward by phone and sometimes coming back to enjoy a second visit to the Welsh hillside.

She specialises in rehabilitating dogs with ‘dog on dog’ aggression and ‘dog on human’ aggression. This type of behaviour modification training requires a great deal of skill and she has proven to be very successful when dealing with these problems. Gaynor works with all breeds of dogs and will deal with any dog no matter how serious the problem.

Prevention is better than cure and to this end; Gaynor holds dog training classes, starting with puppy and junior classes, where she starts the ground work with clicker training, socialisation and helpful advice that will ensure that the puppy has the best possible start.

Dogs aged 7 months and older are able to attend Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum dog obedience training classes, held weekly at Gaynor’s facilities. Before and after each of these classes, the dogs are allowed to run free under the close supervision of Gaynor and her assistants, it is a great opportunity for them to socialise and let off some steam. Gaynor is a firm believer that promoting this time where the dogs are allowed to play together defiantly improves their social skills and prevents a lot of the problems that she often encounters working with under socialised dogs.

Gaynor also utilises these classes as an ideal opportunity to help rehabilitate dogs that she has been working with on a one to one consultation basis.

Gaynor is also proud to be the first woman to win the associate’s member’s cup in the British Police and Services dog trials.

Gaynor is a full Member of the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers and a Master Trainer, with the Guild of Dog Trainers.