Jessica Probst

Jessica Probst

Canine Behaviourist

Full Member

Jessica has firm roots in science, with both parents working in the International German Laboratory EMBL and completing her BSc in 2005.

Professionally working in the canine industry for 17 years, running pet behaviour classes, one to one’s and accompanying sheriff officers on their rounds. Over this time she has privately run a rescue and rehabilitation for dogs with serious issues.

Although she is known locally for dealing with aggressive and trickier cases her passion lies in early intervention and upbringing. Prevention is better than cure as they say which brought about the idea of a charity that educates. The Ranch was established in 2014 with the objective of rescuing animals and openly showing the process of rehabilitation and change to young people and vulnerable adults. It has evolved somewhat over the years and is now well known for the positive changes seen in visiting clients.

Together with a human therapist Jessica set-up an educational resource for schools, teaching pupils (and

teachers) how we can influence animals through mastering self awareness, timing and consistency, transferable life skills that are then practised with peers, teacher and parents.

She is also passionate about genetics and better breeding for dogs and although the ethical conundrum played in her head for many years. She picked a bred she considers most versatile and one favoured by visitors to The Ranch; the dachshund. The comical and gregarious short legged hounds have been fashioned by dog shows and fanciers and bred to be longer and longer over the last hundred years leaving them with weaker spines and prone to slipped discs. Jessica’s intention is to bring them back to their original form; a jaunty sports hound. Her first litter in 2019 saw her raise all 5 into adulthood, teaching her more about siblings and family dynamics. Visiting care homes and schools with them as youngsters placed them firmly in the public eye as therapy dogs and all were fostered out to help raise morale in vulnerable families over the national lock-down.

Constantly seeking knowledge and to leave the world fractionally better than she found it, Jessica’s current project involves building an urban farm to allow access to animals and nature to children from all backgrounds. The motto of her charity is Humans.Being.Connected.