Joe Astre

Jo Astre

Canine Behaviourist

Associate Member

Joe is a full time dog trainer and behaviour specialist who runs The St Helens School of Dog training and Behaviour. His approach to training and behaviour uses the principles of Operant Conditioning (The Science of Behaviour) where he advises owners that their dogs have to be taught the difference between appropriate and inappropriate displays of behaviour to fit into a human controlled society.

In his experience the majority of inappropriate behaviours displayed by dogs are usually as a result of a breakdown in or a lack of communication between dog and owner. Therefore his approach whether dealing with a training or behavioural issue is first to teach the owner how to open an appropriate method of communication with the dog, then how to engage with the dog on a level the dog both understands and enjoys, thereby creating the foundation required for a positive and mutually rewarding relationship between dog and owner.

Joe is a practical hands on dog trainer demonstrating the required techniques to owners, sometimes using client’s dogs, sometimes using his own dogs (rescue) and sometimes using both at once. All dogs assessed for behavioural issues are invited to join Joe’s Association Group. This is a group of dogs with various behavioural issues that are brought together once a week to enable the owners to learn appropriate handling techniques and where the dogs start to learn impulse control.

With 5 decades of dog ownership which includes breeding, showing in the breed ring, involvement in competition obedience, dog training, behavioural management and several years working to try and resolve behavioural issues in rescue dogs prior to re-homing, Joe has the vocational experience to deal with any behaviourally challenged dog. He is a Master Trainer with The Guild of Dog Trainers and holds a diploma in Advanced Canine Psychology and Behaviour with the Pet Education Training and Behaviour Council. His association with the Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour and Training will continue as will his willingness to continue to study the complexity of the dog human relationship. People that have worked with Joe will recognise and remember his mantra, “Teach a dog to listen and it will learn to follow”.