Maxwell Muir

Maxwell Muir

Canine Behaviourist

Full Member

Max is a full member of CFBA and has been training people and their dogs in a professional capacity for the last 20 years. He was raised with working lurchers and since boy hood he has maintained his fascination with canine behaviour. His passion also lies in the behaviour of stray, feral, and wild canines. Max devoted several years to his own private wolf research visiting Minnesota, Mercantour National Park in France, and hosting the UK’s first Wolf Awareness Weekend and inviting expert speakers from the US and across Europe.

He holds a particular fondness for the sporting gun dog and hunting breeds that are common family pets in the UK. Max has a background in mindset and mental skills coaching for people and as MD of Action 4 Dogs his passion in working with people is manifested in working on a personal coaching basis where he helps dog owners develop their understanding of human and dog interactive behaviour, canine social behaviour, building self-confidence, and providing the training tools, skill-set, and behavioural support necessary for clients to experience and live as rich a life as possible with their dogs.

Max is also trainer and behaviour consultant for the charity Labrador Retriever Rescue Scotland Scio where he has enjoyed a long and gratifying service throughout his career. He works closely with its founder Carolyne Poulton (BEM) as he travels all over Scotland with his work in assessing Labradors for potential working roles, provides behaviour and foundational training and re-homing support for new owners and fosterers, and works with special behaviour cases to help dogs reach a suitable level for re-homing into society again. It is in rescue work that Max deepened his love for the Labrador. He currently owns 2 Labradors.

Max is also a seasoned public speaker, and he has given presentations and keynotes talks on a variety of topics including mindset skills, dog training, and canine behaviour topics.
His philosophy is firmly rooted in the strength of the human and dog relationship and its effect on living with dogs and the training outcomes. His favourite part of training is working with dedicated owners who love to walk their dogs in the rural country and helping them to achieve a recall training level that empowers them to live life to the full. Max is based in Edinburgh and the Lothians but covers the whole of Scotland by appointment.

‘There’s a world of difference between a dog that is off lead and a dog that is trained to be off lead’
Max Muir