Pamela Hindes

Pamela Hindes

Canine Behaviourist

Full Member

Pamela spent 20 years as a practising solicitor before commencing on a journey that some years later culminated in her becoming a canine behaviourist, specialising in one to one training and behaviour consultations through her business ‘Hindes Hounds Canine Behaviour and Training.’

Pamela undertook her academic study and practical training with the Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour and Training (CIDBT). She has thus far obtained Master Trainer status with the Guild of Dog Trainers and Associate Membership of the CFBA.

Alongside her ongoing professional accreditation studies, Pamela ensures she keeps abreast of the latest scientific studies in respect of canine behaviour and also matters relating to their health and welfare.

Pamela has had considerable ‘hands on’  experience with day to day behavioural and more serious aggression issues with a variety of breeds from the more diminutive in stature to the more substantive.  Her continuing work with large breed (Tibetan Mastiff) rescue/rehome dogs with both common behavioural and more serious aggression issues has left her well placed to deal with all manner of breeds and behavioural issues.

Seeing first hand the profound effect that serious behavioural issues can have on owners and their families (and indeed the prognosis for many dogs where such issues are not resolved), Pamela takes the view that prevention where possible is better than a cure and therefore also provides comprehensive ‘puppy consultations’ for new owners in order to provide them with the knowledge and guidance they need to raise a good mannered and sociable dog that they can be proud of .

She fully understands the pressures of modern family life and all that it entails. She understands the laws and liabilities relating to dog ownership and takes these things into account when working with her clients to find workable solutions for them and their specific circumstances and lifestyle. She also understands the challenges that some dogs can pose as she shares her life with dogs that themselves provide unique challenges. The two basset Fauve’s are ardent hunters with an impressive scenting ability and the two Tibetan Mastiffs, who are a guardian breed, are simply like no other dogs……..! They all have their unique challenges and Pamela would not have it any other way.