Patricia McGrady

Patricia McGrady

Canine Behaviourist

Full Member

Patricia found her way into behaviour work having experienced behaviour problems with one of her own dogs. As a female with a large breed, she struggled to find effective, lasting behavioural help to suit her and her dog. Through this experience she learned a lot of valuable lessons and wanted to share her knowledge with other owners so she studied and qualified as a behaviourist and set up Be More Dog. Patricia has helped many owners with physical or mental disabilities, those unable to walk or suffering from anxiety or lacking in confidence. Her approach is calm and encouraging and non-judgemental.

Patricia focuses on relationship building between dog and owner. She believes in showing her clients how to communicate in the dogs own language usually through use of body language and space. She educates owners about body language of dog and human and explains the world as the dogs see it so her clients can understand what their dog is feeling. She is skilled at coaching owners on how to become powerful through reading the environment and mastering the walk. The types of exercise and interaction she promotes always encourage calm behaviour.

Today Patricia specialises in aggression and also provides one to one sessions for specific issues or general training. During her consultations she identifies the root cause of the issues with the dog and works on balancing the relationship between dog and owner so the dog feels settled and secure and the symptoms of problem behaviours often disappear. All her consultations are followed up with a detailed report and rehabilitation programme, a follow up session and telephone support. Patricia wants her clients to achieve results and likes to keep in contact to provide guidance and support where needed.

Her favourite breed is the Doberman and she works with the West Country Doberman Rescue charity Patricia is their chosen behaviourist and provides consultancy advice for the charity and the owners for the rescue dogs that have been re-homed. Her current Doberman is a rescue that she adopted. Initially he had a lot of issues including aggression to dogs and people and she successfully rehabilitated him. He now works with her as a stooge for certain types of dog that need confidence building, particularly small breed dogs that are reactive to large dogs.

Patricia has a Higher Certificate in Dog Behaviour and Psychology with the Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour and Training. She is a KAD (Kids Around Dogs) Professional and a WEBB (Whole Energy Body Balance) Practitioner. She believes in continued learning and development and continues to read, study and attend courses. She is interested in diet and alternative therapies and often brings these ideas into her work