Penny Davies

Penny Davies

Canine Behaviourist

Dog Behaviourist

Penny is a full-time behaviour practitioner and trainer with 10 years’ experience handling and training a variety of different breeds.

Penny is a Master Professional Trainer with The Guild of Dog Trainers. She has accreditations with The Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour and Training which incorporate canine behaviour, psychology, science, dog law, aggression, and other common behaviour issues. Penny enjoys working with canines and humans, which is essential in this field!

Her knowledge will help you to understand your dog’s behaviours and the reasoning behind them, clearly communicating appropriate handling skills in order to manage and modify the unwanted behaviours. She is passionate about what she does and takes opportunities as they arise to further her knowledge in an industry of constant learning. By using modern techniques and positive reinforcement where ever possible, a balanced healthy relationship between dog and owner can be achieved.

Specialising in puppy care offering pre-puppy purchase advice and early training from the age of 8 weeks her ‘new puppy packages’, can provide solid foundations for further training. Should clients wish to train alone, she provides 1-2-1 bespoke training sessions in a variety of locations. Clients also have the opportunity to train in small groups which are created following an in-depth behaviour and temperament assessment. In addition, she offers a wide range of training opportunities that helps build handlers confidence in different situations, these include swimming sessions with your dogs, proprioception classes, training walks, workshops, and pet gun-dog training sessions.

Breeds that Penny has worked particularly close with are retrievers and spaniels. She tailors behaviour modification and training programmes to work with, rather against the traits traditionally associated with the two breeds. She owns a team of Labradors that work in the shooting field, which she trains and competes alongside some of the very best instructors and handlers in the country.