Roy Young

Roy Young

Dog Behaviourist

Associate Member

Roy is a full time dog trainer and behaviour specialist who operates his business under RYDogs, in the beautiful county of Cornwall. His balanced approach to training and behaviour uses the principles of Operant Conditioning (The Science of Behaviour) where he advises owners that their dogs have to be taught the difference between appropriate and inappropriate displays of behaviour to fit into a human controlled society.

His time in the world of global finance has taught him the importance of building up trust through, knowledge, understanding and empathy, especially important when dealing with clients who are really struggling with their canines. He prides himself on analysing the dynamic between owner and dog, in order to provide a workable solution that facilitates a trusting and fruitful relationship between dog and owner.

Roy is a practical hands on dog trainer demonstrating the required techniques to owners, sometimes using client’s dogs, sometimes using his own dogs, either in the client’s home, or at one of his beautiful private training fields.

He is a Master Trainer with The Guild of Dog Trainers and holds many accreditations from the Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour and Training. However he is not one to sit on his laurels, he is constantly learning through reading and further courses and by his own admission, learns something new from every case he deals with. People that have worked with Roy love his calm and professional approach to all situations, he has a sense of reassurance that immediately put clients at ease.