Sara Muncke

Sara Muncke

Canine Behaviourist

Full Member

Sara has over 35 years experience in animal rescue work and the care, management and training of dogs. She has been the manager of an independent dog welfare home for over 18 years. Annually Sara assesses over 500 dogs on behalf of the Chiltern Dog Rescue Society as well as helping to support dogs in dogs pounds principally in Wales.

Dog rescue and dog training are not words that most people would normally expect to see in the same sentence. However, Sara ensures that the staff at her organisation are aware that behaviour and training go hand in hand, in order to achieve a happy outcome for the dogs in their care and for their adopters.

Sara also enjoys working with and training dogs already in homes, assessing the nature of their behavioural problems and then working with their owners to rehabilitate them and prevent them having to be re-homed or worse.

Sara is also a qualified teacher and has spent many years teaching children with additional needs. Her wide range of teaching and communication skills has proved a great asset for her dog behavioural and training work and the teaching of new owners.

Sara has attended various training courses including the Colin Tennant & Associates Rapid Response Dog Behaviour Courses and is a Master Trainer for the Guild of Dog Trainers.