Scott Candlish

Scott Candlish

Behaviour Practitioner

Full Member

Scott B Candlish CFBA, CIDBT Adv. H.Cert, GoDT(MT), K9 Coach, Owner Mentor & Specialist K9 Consultant

Co-Founder of Ghost Force K9 Ltd. Scott acts a Canine Coach, Owner Mentor & Specialist K9 Consultant.

Scott specialises in behavioural consultations, one to one training and classes & workshops throughout the Spring and Summer months.

Scott has a qualified understanding of breed specific behaviours. This allows him to create bespoke behaviour modification plans based upon your dogs inherent and innate drives. He enjoys working with all dog breeds ranging from the smaller (e.g. Chihuahua, Pug) to the larger (e.g. Belgian Malinois, German Shepherd).

A totally professional Canine Behaviour Practitioner, Scott’s style of training focuses on relationship building between you and your dog. This creates a positive environment that turbo-boosts your dog’s ability to learn and your ability to lead.

Scott listens carefully and is naturally compassionate. He is unique in that his breadth and depth of knowledge allows him to look at the ‘whole’ picture when assessing a dog. Based upon an owners personal circumstances and abilities, he creates workable solutions for problem dogs.

A full member of the Guild of Dog Trainers GODT (MT) he is also a full member of the Canine & Feline Behaviour Association (CFBA); holds an Adv. Higher Cert at the Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour and Training (CIDBT) and is a qualified Canine Hydrotherapist. His passion for all things ‘dog’ was fulfilled during a full military career including working as a K9 Handler, Trainer and Instructor within a specialist unit.

Scott is based in Fife and mainly operates in Central Scotland. As part of Ghost Force K9 Ltd., he regularly consults to Police, Military and Private Clients Worldwide. He is contactable via the website at; via email at or by telephone on 07960 306 662.

Problems with your dog’s behaviour can be difficult and emotionally challenging. To create a happy and fulfilling relationship with your dog: Scott will help you gain or regain control. He takes care not to overwhelm owners, to progressively improve dog behaviour issues: the recipe for lasting success.