Suzanne Williams

Suzanne Williams

Canine Behaviourist

Full Member

Suzanne has a wealth of experience in rehabilitating a wide variety of problem dogs, particularly rescue dogs. Sue holds monthly behavioural clinics for the RSPCA to help owners with any problems that they may encounter as well as advising staff regarding any dogs in their care displaying behavioural problems.

Suzanne is a specialist in ‘operant conditioning’ and its uses in training and behaviour modification. She runs regular courses in the art of operant conditioning and its practical uses in communicating with animals particularly dogs.

An accomplished trainer, Suzanne is co director of the ‘Cheshire Dog Display Team’ as well as training many animals for television and media work both film and photographic. Suzanne is actively involved in training programmes for students studying animal behaviour and is responsible for such students work placement at the ‘Cheshire Canine Centre’