Tristan Hughes

Tristan Hughes

Canine Behaviourist

Associate Member

Tristan has been working with dogs with behavioural issues for a number of years. His journey as a behaviourist began in Madrid over a decade ago where he worked alongside a number of charities rehabilitating, and training, rescue dogs looking for new homes. In a country where thousands of dogs are abandoned every year, it was imperative that these rescued dogs were fully prepared for life in their new homes. Most commonly he treated separation anxiety issues, inappropriate toileting, timid and fearful behaviours and general obedience.

On his return to the UK, accompanied by his own rescued dogs, Tristan studied and passed his Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour Management. The next step, a personal ambition that was not possible in Spain, was to learn the art of training gundogs which he did under the expert tutelage of fellow CFBA member James Reavil.

As part of his ongoing professional development, Tristan studied a number of courses with the CIDBT on dog on dog, and dog on people, aggression.

Currently he trains dogs in group classes and offers bespoke behavioural consultations in the home, for owners of dogs displaying more challenging behaviours. Tristan describes his role as a behaviourist as an opportunity to help owners put their relationships with their dogs back on to the right track and show them the possibilities for change and improvement. He describes it as an opportunity to educate, empower and motivate owners to create a balanced and harmonious relationship with their dogs. For Tristan there is no greater satisfaction than watching an owner realise that change is within their grasp.

Tristan shares his home with a number of Birman cats, Tessa, a yellow working Labrador retriever and an ageing but indestructible Spanish mongrel – who he claims could survive a nuclear disaster!