Wendy Jones

Wendy Jones

Canine Behaviourist

Full Member

Wendy has learnt a great deal from practical experiences both living with dogs all of her life and working with dogs professionally over the past twenty years. Wendy’s method is to use an holistic approach and a working technology of science based animal behaviour (the learning theory). She believes in using kind, motivational techniques to achieve the required results. Whilst Wendy works with all breeds of dog with equal enthusiasm, she does specialise in Bull breeds.

Wendy works with clients at their home (on a one-to-one basis) for behaviour and training consultations.

She has attended countless seminars and training courses and gained many qualifications in the field of dog training and behaviour; always striving to learn more and constantly studying the subject.

Wendy has worked alongside Dr Roger Mugford and others, assisting in legal cases and temperament testing dogs held under the Dangerous dogs act as well as previously working for Cancer and Bio detection dogs.

Wendy currently works with Wood Green Animal Shelter as a life long care adviser.

Wendy comments “I am very passionate about my work and enjoy educating owners in skills to communicate and understand their dogs and thus improving many owners and dogs quality of life”.

To see more about Wendy please visit wendywoof.co.uk