Zoe Blake

Zoe Blake

Cat Behaviourist

Associate Member

Zoe knew from a very young age that her life would involve animals in some way. She was a regular helper at the local riding school and spent most of her weekends and school holidays caring for the horses. After attending a weeks work experience at her local veterinary practice she decided that becoming a veterinary nurse was what she wanted to do.

In 1992 when Zoe was just 16 she started her training as a veterinary nurse. She qualified in 1995 and started to feel a desire to study preventative healthcare. She gained various qualifications that lead her to run award winning clinics within her practice. As the years have gone on Zoe has continued to study various aspects of veterinary preventative healthcare and likes to keep up to date within her profession. She has completed many feline behaviour qualifications and most recently in 2023 she gained a Distinction in the Advanced Diploma Applied Animal Behaviour (Feline). In January 2015 she set up her own business The Friendly Pet Nurse which provides pet healthcare services in the comfort of the owners home.

Whilst Zoe has undertaken various studies she became drawn to her main interest…the cat. Zoe feels strongly about understanding cats and their behaviour and how these might be affected in today’s society. Within her day to day role she promotes and practices feline friendly handling techniques and tries to ensure that the cats that visit her practice have the calmest experience. She is passionate in educating owners in providing an enriched environment to enable their cats to lead a happy healthy lifestyle. She specialises in cats who may have idiopathic cystitis or inappropriate toileting problems. She will give advice over the phone as well as visiting the owners home to obtain a comprehensive history.

Zoe can’t imagine life without a cat and has found herself rescuing all her cats. She currently has 3 cats and a dog as well as a young boy. She still works part time as a Registered Veterinary Nurse in a small animal orthopaedic veterinary referral practice and spends the rest of the time running her friendly pet nurse business.

Zoe will be working with CFBA in the next year to develop her studies further as a feline behaviourist.