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A Wolf in Dog's Clothing Mark Derr Dogs
Molecular Evolution of the Dog Family Robert K. Wayne Dogs
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Wolves cooperate but dogs submit, study suggests Virginia Morell Dogs
Further Thoughts on Dog Training David Cavill Dogs
Deaf Dogs and Training Dr. David Sands Dogs
The Use Of Negative Reinforcement Dr. Roger Mugford Dogs
Breed Dilemmas and Extinction Dr. Carmen L. Battaglia Dogs
Owner Profile Modelling in Dog Behaviour Colin Tennant Dogs
Early Neurological Stimulation Dr. Carmen L. Battaglia Dogs
Top Dog aggression: dominant or competitive? Dr. David Sands Dogs
Regulation in Canine Behaviour and Training David Cavill Dogs
Lessons from a Deaf Dog Barbara Sykes Dogs
The Conflict of Law Colin Tennant Dogs
Owning a Hearing Impaired Dog Dr. David Sands Dogs
Grooming Aggressive Cats Anita Kelsey Cats
Cat Spraying Colin Tennant Cats
Spoiled Sofas and Boxing Gloves Lara Forster Cats
Cats and Claws Colin Tennant Cats
Keeping Your Indoor Cat Happy Anita Kelsey Cats
Cats Behaving Badly Colin Tennant Cats
Film Stars Colin Tennant Cats
Face to Face Colin Tennant Dogs
Lack of Understanding Your Dog Jacqui O’Brien Dogs
Heatstroke in Dogs Jan Hyams Dogs
The Sex Life of Our Pets Colin Tennant Dogs
Golden Cocker, Golden Retriever or Gold Fish? Ross McCarthy Dogs
The Rescue Dog Jacqueline Bunn Dogs
Dog Behaviour and Leadership Nick Jones Dogs
Handling Large Dogs Jacqueline Bunn Dogs
OUCH – You Stepped on My Foot Jacqueline Bunn Dogs
Living with Barney Mrs. Thomas Dogs
Litter Size and Singleton Dr. Carmen L. Battaglia Dogs
Your Dog and Fireworks Nick Jones Dogs
Puppy in the Middle Ross McCarthy Dogs
Mind the Dogs Development Ross McCarthy Dogs
Dog Train-ing – East Midlands Trains Colin Tennant Dogs
A Guide to Taking Your Dog on the Train Colin Tennant Dogs
Dominance is Dominant! by Roger Tabor​ Roger Tabor Dogs
Dominance in Dogs is Correct! Dr. Joaquin Perez-Guisado Dogs