The Little Book of Extraordinary Cats - Anita Kelsey

The Little Book of Extraordinary Cats

Exciting New Book Release by CFBA Member Anita Kelsey We are thrilled to announce the release of a beautifully written new cat book by one ...
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Dog Training 7

​The Bad Dog Ideology of Our Time

Dog Training & Behaviour Methodologies: A Professional Perspective As a seasoned professional in the field of dog training and behaviour, I feel compelled to address ...
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XL Bully Government Definitions

Click here for a full list of the Governments XL Bully Definitions The XL Bully & UK Criminal Law By: Colin Tennant MA Canine Behaviour ...
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XL Bully Dog Ban and Fitting a Muzzle Guide

From 1 February 2024 it will be a criminal offence to own an XL Bully Dog in England and Wales unless you have a Certificate ...
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Why Theory Is Not As Effective As Practise

Why theory is not as effective as practise in canine behaviour and training The study of theories pertaining to dog behaviour and training offers a ...
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Dog on Dog Attacks

Dog on Dog attacks – Specifically UK Government View. The Government has responded to the petition you signed – “Make dogs attacking other pets a ...
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Dog Jumping Up

Prosecuting Dog Owners if a Dog Knocks a Person Over

Whippey v Jones Colin Tennant, FCFBA MA, (criminal & Civil Court expert witness) presents a illustrative case in which a Great Dane, present in a ...
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Colin Tennant

Is Positive Only Dog Training just Dogma?

Positive ONLY Dog Trainers are failing too may dogs with ineffective repetition methods. The Bad Ideologue of our Time Colin Christopher Tennant MA. FCFBA Criminal ...
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Dog Law & Covid 19

Dog Law: Covid 19 and the implications of breaking the law relating to dogs and dog ownership. We are now one year on into the ...
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Figure 1_Number of Dogs Owned per Participant

Science: Dog attacks increase

CFBA Science Team: Dr Estella Vaz, Colin Tennant MA, Dr David Sands and Ross McCarthy MA Growing evidence revealed by CFBA 2020/2021 Survey that dog-on-dog ...
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Anita Kelsey Let's Talk About Cats

Let’s Talk About Cats by Anita Kelsey

Let’s Talk About Cats: Conversations on Feline Behaviour features 16 unique in-depth conversations with devoted feline experts, each chapter answering a question about our cats. ...
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Canine First Aid Part II

Normal Dog Parameters In early February we introduced the beginning of a CFBA blog series entitled Canine First Aid by Rachel Bean.  The first article ...
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Getting a New Puppy During Lockdown

Unprecedented Times So, we find ourselves in the most strange and unprecedented times. Whilst we were all busily planning our lives and future, unaware of ...
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Integrating Cats and dogs – Dr. David Sands

Socialising cats and dogs – avoiding conflict Many passionate animal lovers enjoy keeping both cats and dogs in the home. However, life between these two ...
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A Wolf in Dog’s Clothing by Mark Derr

Emerging from the deep shade of a sandstone outcropping that shelters their flock, three skinny black-and-white dogs warily approach pieces of cantaloupe rind thrown to ...
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Breed Dilemmas and Extinction by Dr. Carmen L. Battaglia

No breed seems to be free of dilemmas. For some it begins with the conflicts that continue among club members or the breeders who question ...
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Can You Trust the Dogs Trust? by Lez Graham

I came across an article last week written by the DogsTrust entitled DOG BEHAVIOUR PROBLEMS – why they do it and what can you do ...
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Cat Film Stars by Colin Tennant

Cat Film StarsThis narrative will give some insight into the intriguing world of cats, their behaviour and relationships with their owners and the techniques used ...
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Cat Spraying by Colin Tennant

Cat Spraying The most common problem brought to me with cats is toilet training in the home. This may seem strange to most cat owners ...
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Cats and Claws by Colin Tennant

Cats & Claws!Lilly my cat is about one hundred yards from my office window, licking her paw, perched atop a fallen oak branch – all ...
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Cats Behaving Badly by Colin Tennant

Cats Behaving Badly! Cats are the pets we love to love, but only when they allow it. So what kind of relationship do we have ...
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Deaf Dogs and Training by Dr. David Sands

There are several dog breeds carrying a genetic pre-disposition to deafness. Sound-signalling and voice-instruction communication are redundant for them. Deafness means that other primary senses ...
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Death Of The Magic Bullet by Rose Shepherd

The Cult of Drugging DogsWe pride ourselves on bringing to you information on why dogs should not be prescribed mind altering drugs for behaviour problems. ...
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Dog Behaviour and Leadership by Nick Jones

I am often asked about the subject of leadership, because it does seem to be a current ‘buzz word’ at present. So, I would like ...
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East Midlands Trains, dogs on board.

A Guide to Taking Your Dog on the Train By Colin Tennant

Colin Tennant, a leading expert in dog behaviour and training, has worked with East Midlands Trains to create a guide on taking your pooch on ...
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East Midlands Trains, dogs on board.

Dog Train-ing – East Midlands Trains By Colin Tennant

“The average pooch ventures 500 miles every year, a third of dogs have been to a dog-friendly health spa (31%) and nearly a fifth (18%) ...
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Dominance in Dogs is Correct! by Dr. Joaquin Perez-Guisado

“some of the factors that cause aggressiveness in dogs are: first-time dog ownership; failure to subject the dog to basic obedience training; spoiling or pampering ...
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Dominance is Dominant! by Roger Tabor

“It has long been recognised by both research and practical experience of trainers that not only have some animals a tendency to be dominant with ...
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Early Neurological Stimulation by Dr. Carmen L. Battaglia

Surprising as it may seem, it isn’t capacity that explains the differences that exist between individuals, because most seem to have far more capacity than ...
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Face to Face by Colin Tennant

A psychological insight between owner and dogWhat tempted me to write on this subject was the amount of behavioural problems that beset so many owners. ...
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Further Thoughts on Dog Training by David Cavill

Further thoughts on dog training, behaviour modification and accreditation by David Cavill Complications continue to abound within the world of dog training and behaviour modification ...
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Golden Cocker, Golden Retriever or Gold Fish? – Ross McCarthy

Monday morning at nine am, I received a frantic phone call from a lady with a ten week old Cocker Spaniel Puppy who was biting ...
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Grooming Aggressive Cats by Anita Kelsey

The difficulties involved and how to move forward I have been a mobile cat groomer for three years now and can honestly say that 95% ...
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Handling Large Dogs by Jacqueline Bunn

I recently read a book by a well-known dog behaviourist and trainer in which she teaches a dog how to walk on a loose lead. ...
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Heatstroke in Dogs by Jan Hyams

Dogs do not understand what heat stroke is or how on earth they would have gotten it. This is where we have to step in ...
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Intelligent Leadership Programmes by Colin Tennant

How we care for and train our dogs is of paramount importance in their future success at forming relationships with us. My German Shepherd Deiter ...
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Keeping Your Indoor Cat Happy by Anita Kelsey

Keeping Your Indoor Cat Happy Not everyone is lucky enough to have a garden for their cat to play in or easy access to the ...
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Lack of Understanding Your Dog by Jacqui O’Brien

Dogs are sociable creatures and enjoy vocal communication. They soon learn to get our attention and what they want on demand, before we realise that ...
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American Staffordshire Terrier

Leadership – Fact or Fiction? by Ross McCarthy

The issue of whether a dog should be described as dominant is yet again a hot topic in the dog world at present. Not particularly ...
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Lessons from a Deaf Dog by Barbara Sykes

Our little deaf rescue dog Drift has a home. He is now safe and happy along with Bobby, one of his friends from the barn ...
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Litter Size and Singleton by Dr. Carmen L. Battaglia

When two or more breeders gather together their conversation often centres on the number of pups born and what might have gone wrong. For years ...
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Living With Barney by Mrs Thomas

Barney is a large Landseer (i.e. over 10 stone in weight). He has a dominant attitude, is certainly aware of his size and uses his ...
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Akita Puppy

Mind the Dogs Development by Ross McCarthy

First published in Dogs Monthly Magazine Carl Cooper telephoned me with regard to booking a dog training class with his four-month-old Akita, Billy. I informed ...
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Molecular Evolution of the Dog Family by Robert K. Wayne

Molecular genetic tools have been used to dissect the evolutionary relationships of the dog-like carnivores, revealing their place in the order Carnivora, the relationships of ...
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OUCH – You Stepped on My Foot by Jacqueline Bunn

Exercising a fully-grown, 13 stone Neapolitan Mastiff isn’t without its problems, but some could easily be avoided. On a recent walk together, Gus, my six-year ...
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Owner Profile Modelling in Dog Behaviour by Colin Tennant

It is common knowledge that owners are the main influence on a dog’s behavioural development from puppy hood to maturity and in essence the dog’s ...
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Owning a Hearing Impaired Dog by Dr. David Sands

Owning a hearing-impaired dog immediately rules out sound-signalling and voice instructions for training. Methods linked with additional primary senses, including smell, touch, taste and sight ...
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Puppy in the Middle by Ross McCarthy

First published in Dogs Monthly Magazine Obviously when one works with people to alter dog behaviour problems, the human aspect is often the greater part. ...
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Regulation in Canine Behaviour and Training by David Cavill

Complications continue to abound within the world of dog training and behaviour modification and as chairman of the Pet Education, Training and Behaviour Council I ...
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cat musja 03.

Spoiled Sofas and Boxing Gloves by Lara Forster

Spoiled sofas and boxing gloves Helping owners with cat behaviour problems is very new to us, indeed new to Northern Ireland. Heather Siribor and me ...
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Rescue Dog Numbers Increase by Sara Muncke

The dramatic rise in dogs being allowed to become out of control and ending up dumped in rescue centres is a problem that Sara Muncke, ...
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The Conflict of Law by Colin Tennant

The Dog Behaviour Practitioner & the LawI was walking down a street when a Jack Russell Terrier raced out of a house and attacked my ...
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The Evolution of the Dog by Robert Wayne

Until recently, archaeological findings were the only evidence to pinpoint the beginning of man’s symbiotic relationship with dog. The commonly accepted date of dog’s domestication ...
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The Rescue Dog by Jacqueline Bunn

Considering taking on a rescue dog? Well done! There are many thousands of unwanted dogs right at this moment gazing out of kennels at every ...
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The Sex Life of Our Pets by Colin Tennant

Previously published in PPM and Mad About Dogs Magazines Pets and sex is not a subject most people like to dwell on, the idea of ...
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The Use Of Negative Reinforcement by Dr. Roger Mugford

I’m amazed at the naivety of trainers claiming to only use positive, reward-based methods, thus ignoring the vast body of scientific evidence that shows reward ...
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Top Dog aggression: dominant or competitive? by Dr. David Sands

Abstract Any terms to be used to describe aggressive-behaviour in the domestic dog, Canis lupus familiaris, should be universally understood and accepted for legislationand treatment ...
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Your Dog and Fireworks by Nick Jones

It seems that many celebrations throughout the year bring fireworks. Gone are the days when one evening each year would bring about the bangs and ...
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Why Do Puppies Bark and What Can We Do About It

Dogs are pack animals and geared for close socialisation with their own kind and we are and become the replacement pack. Barking is a natural ...
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3 Arctic Wolves standing in the snow

The Wolf in our Dog

Whenever I read another distorted anti dog story in the media, perhaps of a dog attacking and injuring somebody, I am reminded that the domestic ...
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One wolf standing on green hillock and look at photograph.

The Evolution of the Dog

Until recently, archaeological findings were the only evidence to pinpoint the beginning of man’s symbiotic relationship with dog. The commonly accepted date of dog’s domestication ...
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