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Considering a career in dog behaviour and training? There are three membership levels with CFBA, Associate, Full and Fellow, click on the buttons below for more information about each membership type.

We welcome applications for all levels of membership. The Canine & Feline Behaviour Association represents excellence in the field of behavioural reformation and expertise in dog training. We have an upper limit on member numbers at each level to ensure that we know the people that we are supporting and recommending.

Where possible, it is suggested that applicants should try and get the support of a full member of the CFBA who has knowledge of the applicant’s present level of competence and work to date. A list of current members is available on this site.

The Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour & Training is the education department of the CFBA, all its courses in specific combinations meet the joining requirements for CFBA membership and to ensure the highest standards of Canine Education, therefore applicants who hold CIDBT courses will be offered preferential access for membership of the CFBA.

Applications are considered by the Association’s Fellows’ and senior team, which has authority to request further references and information as deemed necessary. The final decision on an application is made by the CFBA Fellows and senior team and maybe refused with or without a reason proffered.

The CFBA uses the Pet Education Training and Behaviour Councils (PETbc) roles descriptions (widely accepted in Britain as a standard of dog occupation descriptions) when considering all applications for dogs only.

In general the CFBA ONLY recognise academic and vocational courses that are accredited, approved and assured by the Pet Education Training and Behaviour Council. Specifically for dog Trainers/Instructors the / CIDBT, BIPDT, GODT and Trained for Life, all these have practical workshop based courses which meet our hands on skills requirements. For Dog Behaviour Psychology Practice the CIDBT and ACC courses only. Other courses on the Petbc approved list may be taken into consideration but only as a contribution to the course providers mentioned and named herein.

However, courses alone will not suffice to become a member – varied practical experience is essential (each membership level requires a minimum amount of years in Professional Behaviour Practice) and this is discretionary at the behest of the board.

Click to read the PETbc national role description of a dog behaviour practitioner.

Applications may be submitted at any time during the year. They will be considered at the next meeting of the Fellows’ board, which meets regularly. Applicants and if applicable their referees will be informed once a decision has been made on an application.

Applicants who are elected to Associate status of the CFBA may subsequently apply for Full Membership at a later date.

We do not generally condone the use of mind altering drugs in behaviour reformation – read more information here:

There are four Stages to your application which we score on a points basis of up to 100.

  • Stage one: complete the CFBA online application form on this web site.
  • Stage two: assuming you have passed stage one, you will be supplied a link to our Canine Client Centred Profile form, which you should then send on to a number of your past clients for completion, the forms will then be returned directly to the CFBA for review. These forms will gather information regarding the behavioural advice you proffered together with your client’s views of your services.
  • Academic qualifications in dog behaviour will be required in all but exceptional circumstances. A Degree in Canine Studies or other associated academic qualifications will contribute to a maximum of 25% of the points awarded towards membership. CIDBT qualifications will always be given preferential treatment and award a higher point score.
  • Stage three: were applicable we ask that you complete a case study on a behaviour case supplied to you, together with a question-and-answer section in criminal canine law.
  • Stage four: Telephone and/or Zoom interview with one of our team assessors, which is generally an hour in duration.

The Fellows and Senior Team will then assess the documentation including any website or other social media presence that you may have. Thereafter, you will be informed of their decision of membership. It is possible we may ask for further documentation to approve your membership. Please note, the time frame for this process can be up to several months.

How to Apply
If you click on any of the requirement buttons above, these pages will have further buttons to the canine and feline application forms.

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