Jo Bargman

Jo Bargman

Membership: Full
Speciality: Dogs
Location: Worcestershire
Landline: 01299 270514

Dogs have played an enormous part in Jo’s life, something that she has only recently appreciated. Starting from being a sickly child, so afraid of dogs she would not go outside to play. Her family G.P. advised her parents to get her a dog. She sincerely wishes he were here now to thank him personally.

Her first crossbreed Laddie was a wonderful creature, superb temperament with humans but very much a male! He was a real escape artiste and Jo was often dispatched after school to go and catch him. He frequently roamed around the estate where she lived with other loose dogs. She soon realised some form of enticement was necessary to get anywhere near Laddie, so used to go armed with a ball. Luckily Laddie adored his ball and would follow Jo to play, after which, he would then happily allow his lead to be attached and return home. This was her first experience of dog behaviour and psychology, not that she knew it then.

Jo currently owns 5 dogs, 2 German Shepherds and 3 Large Munsterlanders. She enjoys showing and breeding and is a Kennel Club assured breeder. She runs pet obedience classes, dog agility classes as well as conducting behavioural consultations. The behavioural work takes place either at the clients home, in the public domain or at Jo’s Mannerly Mutts HQ where dogs are trained in a secure facility or in her own fields.

Mannerly Mutts began in 2010 and after studying with The Cambridge Institute for 5 years Jo is now qualified, a member of the respected Guild of Dog Trainers and a full member of Canine and Feline Behaviour Association. Jo is able to work through your pet insurance company thus enabling you to reclaim your fees where possible.

Jo’s approach is very practical and hands on. She appreciates the impact on families that dogs can have and understands that tolerance levels for certain behaviours vary within the family and with the public at large. She places great importance on the innate or hereditary instincts that occur in dogs and uses this understanding to help people improve their relationship with their pet. Dogs are intelligent creatures and we as humans are responsible for accentuating some of their inherited behaviours because we have selectively bred the dog to heighten the required characteristics to perform a specific role for instance gundogs and sheep dogs.

It is often easier to prevent inappropriate behaviours arising. Jo works with families to understand natural dog behaviours and how to control these behaviours that are inappropriate in modern society.

Jo is passionate about her practitioner’s role to bring about the best possible outcome for dogs and their owners. She understands that to help the dog the owner is the catalyst for any information she imparts and is sensitive to both theirs and their dogs needs.