Understanding Cats on Amazon Prime Video

Colin Tennant and John Bowe were at Barker Brown’s ‘The Pet Show’ in Earl’s Court, this is where we met cat behaviourist Roger Tabor. Following discussions about working on a project to make various videos about cats, we went on to make five titles, The Cat Indoors, Understanding Cats, The Cat Outdoors, The Mystery of the Cat and Breaking Bad Habits for Cats.

Further to this Roger Tabor was asked to make eight short programmes on various cat topics for the BBC. So the three of us with the help of many others started work on the series and all eight programmes were completed in the Autumn of 1995.

We are pleased to say this series is now available to watch for free if you’re an Amazon Prime Customer, you can also purchase the series. Click on the image below to take you to the listing on Amazon. You can also search on Amazon Prime for ‘Roger Tabor’ or ‘Colin Tennant’ Your feedback of the series is welcome.

The Understanding Cats TV series now available on Amazon Prime Video